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Winthorpe Primary School

Learning together, growing together

Sunflower Competition


Time to launch the 2019 Giant Sunflower Competition!


For anyone not familiar with this Winthorpe institution, this is the annual children’s competition to see who can grow the tallest sunflower. The competition was started over 20 years ago by local resident Pat Finn, and has been going (or growing?) strong ever since.


All children at Winthorpe Primary School can enter, as well as non-pupils (of primary school age) living in Winthorpe, Langford and Holme. Charlie and I will be visiting the school on Friday 29th March to deliver a “sunflower assembly” and give out a packet of seeds to each child. This normally involves a lot of comedy, and hopefully the children leave feeling excited about planting their seeds and “having a go”!


If your children don’t attend Winthorpe Primary you can buy “Giant Sunflower” seeds from a garden centre or shop. The children plant their seeds on Easter Sunday (21st April) and need to nurture them through the spring and summer until the competition ends on Sunday 8th September. We hold a ‘prize presentation’ assembly shortly after that, where we give out trophies to our winners and certificates to all who take part. With skilful use of ladders, broom handles and blu-tac, we stick paper sunflowers on the wall of the school hall to show the height of our winners – they are always impressively tall!


We would really encourage everyone to have a go – even if you don’t consider yourself to be “green fingered”. The experience of growing a plant from seed and caring for it over many weeks is really special, and the children get very excited about who will have the winning sunflower.


Good Luck to everyone!


Liz & Charlie Ferreira

2016 Winners!

Last year, our competition winners were:


  1. Samantha and Abigail Jones with a sunflower 3m 63cm high!
  2. Anna Clarke with a sunflower 3m 43cm high, and 
  3. Alfie Everatt-Lamb with a sunflower measuring 3m 40cm.


The staff competition was won by Mrs Cobb who grew a sunflower that was 3m 32cm in height.  


Well done to everyone who entered the competition and many thanks to the competition organisers - Liz and Charlie Ferreira.