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Winthorpe Primary School

Learning together, growing together

PE and Sport at Winthorpe


Key Achievements

* Gold School Games Mark validated by Sheffield Hallam University

2019 - 2020 (prior to Covid-19 Lockdown):

* 61% of KS1 and 85% of KS2 represented the school at a sports event

* 51% of KS1 and 61% of KS2 attended an extra-curricular sports club

* We entered 77% of available events and festivals before Covid-19

* During lockdown, children regularly achieved 60 active minutes on a daily basis

2018 - 2019

* 100% of KS1 and KS2 represented the school at a sports event

* 88% of KS2 and 81% of the whole school attended an extra-curricular sports club

High Quality P.E.

‚ÄčAt Winthorpe, we follow a skills-based curriculum from EYFS to Year 6 which is focussed on building on previous skills each year.

Foundation Stage PE Coverage

Term Multi-Skills/ Fundamental Skill Focus
1 Multi-Skills and routines
2 Jumping
3 Gymnastics
4 Running and throwing
5 Sending and receiving using body and equipment
6 Athletics


Year 1 and 2 PE Coverage

Term Lesson 1 Lesson 2
1 Running Gymnastics
2 Jumping Dance
3 Throwing Gymnastics
4 Sending/receiving using body Dance
5 Sending/receiving using equipment Athletics
6 Games up to 5v5 Athletics


Year 3 and 4 PE Coverage

Term Lesson 1 Lesson 2

Invasion Games

2 Invasion Games Dance
3 Net and Wall Games OAA
4 Net and Wall Games Athletics
5 Striking and Fielding Swimming
6 Striking and Fielding Swimming


Year 5/6 Cycle A PE Coverage

Term Lesson 1 Lesson 2
1 Netball Gymnastics
2 Football Dance
3 Hockey Athletics
4 Orienteering Athletics
5 Badminton Swimming
6 Rounders Swimming


Year 5/6 Cycle B PE Coverage

Term Lesson 1 Lesson 2
1 Basketball Gymnastics
2 Volleyball Dance
3 Rugby Athletics
4 OAA Athletics
5 Tennis Swimming
6 Cricket Swimming


We follow this fully inclusive, skills-based curriculum to build confidence and engagement in PE for ALL pupils. Our partnership with Carre's Grammar Outreach gives us the opportunity to have an 'Active Schools Co-ordinator' in school to deliver high quality P.E. lessons and provide on-going staff training. All pupils have access to a minimum of 2 hours curriculum time of high quality P.E. each week. 

Sport and School Games

We provide and encourage a positive attitude towards making healthy lifestyle choices and staying active and by following the School Games Gold criteria we are able to develop a life-long interest in physical activity and sport in our pupils. We constantly maintain a high profile of physical activity in all aspects of school life and provide the following opportunities for our children:

* Developing leadership skills from EYFS to Year 6 by providing opportunities for children to build on leadership skills throughout their time at Winthorpe Primary School. 

Set up and run playground activities at play times and lunch times to encourage physical activity and to further develop leadership skills of playground leaders.

* Provide opportunities for physical activity across the curriculum for example, active Maths and active English sessions for all children on a regular basis. 

* Provide further opportunities to take part in extra-curricular clubs and competitions and events. All children are given opportunities to represent Winthorpe Primary School at 'Friday Festival' events and competitions organised and ran by Carre's Grammar School Outreach. This provides a wide range of sports and activities for children to take part in, at differing levels of competition. 

Participation in extra-curricular activities and school competitions is tracked to ensure all children are provided with opportunities and any 'inactive' children are identified and targeted for intervention. 

* All children are provided with opportunities to participate in Level 1, 2 and 3 competitions throughout the year:

Level 1 - Personal Challenges - All children take part in a weekly mile and take pride in beating previous times each week. All successes and achievements are celebrated and the children are excited and proud of their progress. 

Level 2 - Intra-School Competitions - All children take part in a competition within their class at the end of every unit in termly PE lessons. Children compete in their colour houses and opportunities are also provided to develop umpiring and officiating skills. 

Level 3 - Inter-School Competitions - All children are provided with opportunities to take part in sporting competition against other schools in a wide variety of sports.