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Winthorpe Primary School

Learning together, growing together

School Values

Our Motto

“Learning Together, Growing Together”

Our Values

We want children at Winthorpe Primary School to be:

  • Happy and Healthy
  • Responsible and Caring
  • Hardworking and Ambitious
  • Respectful and Understanding
  • Confident and Curious


Our Aims

Happy and Healthy
We feel that happy and healthy children will be enthusiastic and engaged learners. We aim to provide an exciting,
interesting and fun curriculum supplemented by a range of extra-curricular activities that makes children want to
come to school with smiles on their faces. We encourage our children to have healthy lifestyles and pride ourselves
on the sporting provision that we offer for all our children.


Responsible and Caring
We have a very friendly and family like atmosphere around school, centred on a caring approach and looking out
for each other. Our rainbow house groups encourage children of all ages to bond, work and play together. We
encourage our children to be responsible and help develop their maturity and common sense, enabling them to
make the right choices. Positions of responsibility play an important and respected role within the school.


Hardworking and Ambitious
We want children to aim high and enjoy the challenge of reaching their goals, being resilient and determined
enough to deal with whatever is thrown at them. We set high standards for the children, in terms of expectations,
effort and attainment, and expect all children to achieve their targets and make very good progress whilst at
Winthorpe. We genuinely want all children to achieve their goals and encourage them to be ambitious and
aspirational with their dreams.


Respectful and Understanding
Our children are respectful, tolerant and understand others. They show this by being polite and attentive to
everyone they meet. Holding doors open for others, saying good morning and listening to our friends are examples
of how we can show respect on a daily basis. We respect that all people are different, in the way they look, things
they believe and what is important to them. We understand that these differences make a vibrant, modern, British
community, and want to celebrate and cherish these differences, and learn from them.


Confident and Curious
We encourage our children to try new things and develop a curiosity about the unknown. When we open windows
onto new horizons they are given the opportunity to expand their knowledge and understanding of the world
around them. We want our children to feel secure enough to try new things without fearing making a mistake. We
place great emphasis on the importance of representing the school and collaborating with others and the outside
world. We provide a varied range of extra curricular activities and stimulating school trips.