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Visions and Values

Our Vision has been written by staff, parents and the community.  Our children have translated this into something meaningful for them...


Winthorpe Primary School - School Vision

At Winthorpe Primary School we strive to promote respect, tolerance and understanding of the world around us, forging successful relationships between home, school and the local area. 


By creating a positive, stimulating learning environment, in which all pupils are valued and stretched, they are able to reach their full potential through teamwork and individual challenges. 


We aim to develop interested children with a high level of self-esteem, confidence, care and respect for themselves and the community and who take advantage of the opportunities that come their way.


With our high expectations and quality teaching; which incorporate evolving technologies, problem solving strategies and varied learning styles, our curriculum is relevant, personalised and inclusive, as well as creative and fun. This ensures an excellent grounding in skills for life and a life-long love of learning.


We advocate a healthy and inclusive school free from discrimination.  Everyone within the school community should feel happy and safe.


Our children will leave Winthorpe as independent resilient, aspirational students who will become the responsible citizens of the future.


Winthorpe Primary School Vision by Children

At Winthorpe Primary School we want our children to make good friends and to look after each other and be kind to all whom they meet.

By making nice, bright classrooms where everyone is cared for we encourage children to do their best and hope that one day this will help to make their dreams come true.

We want children to feel good about themselves and get amazing results (to like their scores) and make sure they make the most of their life at school.

With our great teachers and different ways of learning we hope all our pupils leave us with an excellent education and skills for life.

We want healthy children who are well behaved.

Everyone should feel happy and safe.

Children need to leave our school and know what they are going to do in the future. We want them to try to work by themselves and always do their best but to know that they can always ask for help, or accept it, if it is needed. Our children know how to look after school’s and other people’s things and will become the hard working and successful people of the future.


School Creed Written by Luke Arthur Class 3


This is our school

At this school

We have amazing friends and teachers,

We work like no other.


We are not just friends

We are family.

A family of skill and education.


Let us help people who come and go

We accept that working hard

Creates GREAT things.