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Parking Policy

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Parking Policy


We have quite a strict parking policy at the school that is important due to the unique layout of the village of Winthorpe and the positioning of the school at the only entrance and exit to the village.


The Parking Policy is as follows:

  • Only park on the school side of Gainsborough Road. We do not want children crossing the road at such a busy time.
  • Do not turn round or back into Thoroughfare Lane. Children WILL run and cycle along there despite our best efforts.
  • Park facing into the village.
  • Once your child is in the car, drive down to the turning point by the pub at the bottom of the village.
  • Do not park or turn round on Woodlands. We receive several complaints from the residents there.
  • Do not park on white lines.
  • Breakfast club attendees may not park in staff places in the school car park unless they are arriving before 8am.
  • Do not park on Gainsborough Road within 6 metres on either side of where Thoroughfare Lane joins it.  


When attending School Church Services please park on the Church side of the road only.